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Ashley, who’s known to get drunk and do...other stuff. Apparently, he recently sued a teddy bear company for using his trademarked phrase “Lights Out,” so I assume he just wants to push “evil NFL linebacker hates teddy bears” to the second page of Google searches for his name. Oftentimes, you’re sharing a bedroom with several people of the opposite sex.

And a few others, including one-time Playboy model Veronica Portillo, who first starred on in—wait for it—1999. I can’t help but notice that all these people are pretty attractive. It is hot and sweaty and people are working out constantly without shirts.

“You realize that the world is a big place and you don’t know much.” Speaking of not knowing much, Lavin rarely seems happier than during each season’s trivia challenge, in which contestants are suspended high above a body of water. “And then when the answers are so in your face, if it was a snake, it would bite you. But when you’re put in a stressful situation, your mind can’t work properly. It’s so funny when they do something like that.” Stressful situations can’t always be blamed for some of the stupid things contestants say.

After the remarkably easy questions yield a couple of wrong answers, the cast members are unceremoniously dumped and left to splash down, often at hilariously awkward angles. But it is very funny how they land and how scared they are,” Lavin says. In Wednesday’s premiere, “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines,” veteran Nicole Ramos is asked what she’d do with the 5,000 grand prize after splitting it with her teammate.

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"They didn't see any further brain damage or anything but there's still some swelling there," Aday told MTV on Sunday.

PHOTOS: Celebs dating athletes Though the sedation will take some time to wear off, Aday says doctors have said it is too soon to tell whether the accident will have long-term effects on Lavin's brain functionality.

"I don't think we're gonna know any of that until he wakes up and they can evaluate him from there," he said.

He has also has started mumbling words to his family.'He's answering questions,' friend and business partner Chas Aday said.

'He'll say "yes" a little bit and he knows where he is, but he's not opening his eyes yet'.He was severely injured when he attempted a 'nac nac' jump combination and fell.